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23 people caught Novel coronavirus on Indian flights to Rome

On April 30 according to the European Union News Agency quoted by the European network, Italy’s Ministry of civil defense reported on the 29th that 14320 newly diagnosed cases and 288 deaths were reported. As of 18:00 on the 29th, there were 4009208 confirmed cases, 120544 deaths and 3449955 cured cases nationwide.

According to reports, at 21 p.m. local time on April 28, a flight from New Delhi to Rome landed at Fiumicino airport. At this time, three buses, six ambulances, three military vehicles and nine red cross vehicles were waiting outside the airport for emergency preparedness. In the process of virus screening for inbound passengers, 23 of 213 passengers and 10 crew members of the flight, including 2 crew members, were detected to have been infected with new coronavirus, with an infection rate of 9%.

At present, the luggage carried by these passengers and crew members has also been sprayed with disinfectant to kill the new coronavirus. The infected and close contacts were quarantined at the Hilton Hotel and hospital in the New District of Rome. Other passengers and crew members will also be sent to hotels and military facilities for 10 days of isolation.

A total of 23 positive patients, including two crew members, were detected on the flight from India to Rome, said DAmato, director of the public health committee of the Regional Council of Lazio, Italy, in a statement on the 29th. Among the passengers, 28 children and 3 infants have received routine nucleic acid tests.

Da Mato said that the Italian National Institute of infectious diseases is sequencing the virus of the positive infected people detected on the plane to determine whether they are infected with the mutated virus reported by India.

At the same time, the Lazio region released the preliminary results of virus sequencing of more than 300 positive Indian infected people in Sikh parish of Latina Province, who were infected with a mutated virus reported by the United Kingdom. There are about 20000 people in the Sikh community, and the authorities are conducting large-scale swab screening. But in the next few hours, another Indian plane will land at Rome’s Fiumicino airport.

Italian health minister Speranza has previously signed a decree prohibiting anyone who has stayed in India in the past 14 days from entering Italy, except Italian citizens and holders of legal residence in Italy; Health minister Speranza signed the decree again on the 29th, and issued an urgent entry ban on India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

At the same time, the ban stipulates that the anti epidemic provisions for entry from other EU countries will continue to be extended for 15 days, that is, the entry personnel from EU Member States must be tested for virus before departure, and be isolated for 5 days after entry, and then tested again at the end of isolation.

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