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BMR Energy Rebuilds Hurricane Damaged St. Thomas Solar Farm

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by admin


The Process of Rebuilding

The process of rebuilding the solar farm was no easy task. First, the team had to assess the damage and develop a plan to rebuild. Then they had to track down all of the materials needed to make the repairs. This was no small feat, considering that many of the suppliers were located off-island. But with determination and ingenuity, they were able to get everything they need and get started on rebuilding.


The next step was repairing the damaged solar panels and replacing any that were beyond repair. This took some time, as each panel had to be inspected individually. But our team worked tirelessly until every panel was ready to go.


Finally, all that was left to do was put everything back together and reconnect it to the grid. And just like that, the solar farm was back up and running! We are so proud of our team for their hard work in making this happen.


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