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v6.1 – TensorRT, TensorFlow Edge TPU and OpenVINO export and output. YOLOv5 now officially supports 11 different formats not only for export but also for . tvs.
Support for the following formats was added in version 6.1: .tvs – for OpenVINO, TensorRT, TensorFlow Edge, TensorRT, TensorFlow, TensorRT, TensorFlow Edge, OpenTensorRT, TensorRT, TensorRT, TensorFlow, TensorRT, Tensorflow edge, Tensorflow, Tensorflow Edge, OpenVINO, TensorFlow , TensorFloors, TensorFloors, TensorFloors, TensorRT, TensorRT, TensorRT, Tensorflow, TensorRT, Tensorflow, TensorFlow, TensorRT, TensorRT, TensorFloors, TensorFloors, TensorRT.



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