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Reaction from jab to be part  of  health insurance

The existing health insurance policy will cover the hospitalization cost of any adverse reaction due to the covid-19 vaccine, clarified the regulator on Thursday.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai), via a press release, said that in the unlikely event of hospitalization following an adverse reaction to covid-19 vaccination, hospitalization is covered under the health insurance policies subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

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“This means, any hospitalization for after-effects of vaccination, that require active line of treatment in a hospital as per standard medical protocols and is recommended by a medical practitioner will be payable,” said Mahavir Chopra, founder and CEO,, an independent consumer awareness platform for insurance buyers.

A few months ago many healthcare workers had approached health insurers seeking clarification on their existing health policy coverage for covid-19 vaccine’s adverse reactions. The terms and conditions mentioned by Irdai in the guideline refer to the common conditions that come with every health insurance policy, said Naval Goel, founder and CEO,

“This notification clarifies that any person affected by vaccination and in need of hospitalization will be treated like any other ailment and the services offered by their insurance companies will remain constant in this scenario,” he said.

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