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Spotting potential schemes while shopping for health insurance

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 by admin

Make sure you get signed up for health insurance, not schemed, if you are looking for coverage on the marketplace.

SAN ANTONIO — The pandemic drastically impacted our health and finances by leaving many unemployed and uninsured. 

In a bit of aid, federal government reopened the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplace so those who need healthcare can sign up. Yet schemers are taking advantage of the special enrollment period to get your money and personal information.

The special enrollment period for health care insurance is reopened from now until May 15. It gives you a chance to get medical coverage if you need it, but the Federal Trade Commission said it also allows schemers the opportunity to call, email and text to try to get your money or personal information. There are some red flags to watch out for. 

For one, no one from the government will call you about health insurance or ever ask you to verify your social security number or financial information like your bank account number on the phone. If someone does, that person is a schemer.

There are people who offer legitimate help with the health insurance marketplace. They are often called “navigators” or “assisters.” They are not allowed to charge for help. If someone ask for payment in return for guidance, they are a schemer.

You will not get calls, emails or visits at your home from someone representing Affordable Care Act plans unless you are already enrolled. If you are not enrolled yet and get a call or other contact, that person is a schemer.

Make sure you are signing up for health insurance at the correct place.  You should go to If someone tries to sign you up at another site, they are a schemer.

Schemers know people will have lots of questions about the special enrollment period and will try to mislead you. Keep safe and get the coverage you need with these tips.

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